Adding Multiple Devices to a Wireless Phone Base Station

Adding Multiple Devices to a Wireless Phone Base Station

Many Yealink devices, such as the W60 and the W70, have the ability to handle multiple accounts on the device. 
If you are using a Wireless Yealink Phone, by Default the station number will correspond to the Account number you have setup
For example
Account 1 will call Station 1
Account 2 will call Station 2
And so on..
In many cases this is perfectly fine, but you may have some situations where you want different base stations to act as different devices.

If you purchase another Yealink device, you will need to register the new unit to the Base station.

When powering on the new phone, you will see that it is unregistered.

On the Base Station, Press and hold the Paging Button until the Handset icon starts to blink.
The paging button looks like the WiFi Logo and is found on the front of the base station
The base station must be powered on.
The Device Icon will slowly blink after holding the Paging button on your Base station for 4 seconds

On your handset, click the "Reg." button. After searching for a few seconds, your device should say that it is paired with your Base station.

Step 1: Complete adding all your devices to your phone

After Adding Voicee to Yealink Devices, you will have a list of Accounts on your base station like so:

The names on the list will correspond to your Device names, or the custom labels you have specified in the settings.

Step 2: Number Assignment

The handset number is visible on the home-screen of the handset. In the picture below, the handset is Number "2", and the above configuration has Account 2 set as the Default.  
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