Yealink - Connect or Re-connect a handset

Yealink - Connect or Re-connect a handset

1. Long press 🛜 on the base station. The registration LED slow flashes, indicating the base station is in the registration mode.
2. Press OK on the handset to enter the main menu.
3. Select ->Registration ->Register Handset.
The LCD screen displays the base (1-4).
4. Press or to highlight the desired one, and press the OK soft key. (Generally Base 1 is the Base you'd want to register to, unless you have mutliple base stations within your location)
The handset begins to search for the base station.
5. Press the OK
6. Enter the system PIN (default: 0000).
7. Press the Done soft key.
The handset plays a warning tone and prompts "Handset Subscribed", which indicates the registration has finished.

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