Voicee (M5) Headset Help

Voicee (M5) Headset Help

In this article we will explore some of the common errors when using the M5 Headset


The M5 Headset comes with two modes of charging. 
The unit comes with a Micro-USB cable, to USB Type A (USB-A) plug. You can use any type of USB-A charger to supply power to the cradle, including common Samsung and iPhone phone chargers. Even some Epson thermal Printers will have a USB-A port which will supply the unit with power.
MPOW M5 BH231A Bluetooth Headset - Charging

Re-pairing your Headset

In the event that your headset does not want to pair with your device, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off the headset by pressing and holding the Call/Answer button until the Red LED and power-down audio is played
  2. Press and hold the Call/Answer button and (+) Volume button for 5 seconds until a purple light flashes
  3. Turn on the unit by holding the Call/Answer button until the blue light appears
  4. It should now flash Red/Blue - this is "pairing mode"
  5. On your iPad or Device go to Settings > Bluetooth and, find the MPOW M5 
  6. Click to pair
  7. It should now be paired and ready to use

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