Office 365 - Email Deliverability from Voicee

Office 365 - Email Deliverability from Voicee

Update: This issue has been resolved and emails should be delivered as expected.

In October 2021 multiple customers had raised that Voicee voicemail email notifications were not arriving to their Inbox.
Upon investigation Voicee found that all of these customers were using Office 365. It was determined that Office 365 has been wrongly classifying Voicee emails as Spam due to other, unrelated Spam messages who target users by falsing claiming that a Voicemail has been saved onto their account.

Voicee will always send emails from the domain and any email ending in (eg: can be trusted.

Resolving email Deliverability

If you are experiencing issues with Voicee mail being delivered to your Office 365 Mailboxes, you can follow the steps here to bypass the incorrect Spam filter

  1. Goto the Admin Exchange Centre on Office 365 - If you're not logged in you will need to Log in with Global Administrator Access
  2. If you are not on the Rules Page, click "Rules"
  3. Click the + icon and select Bypass Spam Filtering..
  4. Enter a Name (Such as Voicee) then under Apply this rule if... Select Sender -> Domain Is

  5. Enter (click the +) then enter (click the +) Then hit OK
  6. Your Rule should include the Senders Domain as the above domains and the action as Bypass Spam filtering. Click Save.
  7. Finally test that emails are being delivered by requesting to reset your password:
  8. If you receive the Password reset to your email inbox or Junk mail, you've successfully resolved the issue.

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