Port your Number into Voicee

Port your Number into Voicee

Number Porting is a manual process that requires at least 3-6 weeks.
We recommend using Call Forwarding to quickly move your services to Voicee while we are in the process of porting in your number.

Please note: If your phone number is linked to your NBN Service, your service provide may also cancel your internet connection once a Porting request has been made. Please contact your service provider (Telstra/Optus etc) prior to your porting date to ensure a smooth transfer.

Requirements for Number Porting:

  1. You currently have a subscription/service that uses the phone number in question
  2. You have no outstanding invoices on the services with the service provider
  3. You have no contractual obligations on the service which you are bound too
  4. You have a copy of your last invoice from the service provider, with the service number which will be ported on the invoice.


Submit the complete Australian Port form to support@voicee.com.au along with an invoice from your service provider.
Find the LOA As an attachment below.

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