Best Practise Running Voicee App on iPad

Best Practise Running Voicee App on iPad

When running the Voicee App on iOS there are some best practises to ensure that you can answer incoming calls.

Setup Slide Over View

The best way to run Voicee is to keep it running in the background. To prevent it from taking over the entire screen when you accept a call, setup Voicee in "Slide Over" view.

  1. While in your POS, slide up from the bottom of your iPad to reveal the dock.
  2. Drag and Drop the Voicee icon from the Dock towards the right side of the iPad
  3. The Voicee App should appear as a bubble, which can be dismissed by sliding the window toward the right
  4. The Voicee App can be retrieved by sliding your finger from the right of the iPad towards the left

Disable SIP ALG on your Modem

If possible, speak with your ISP about disabling SIP ALG on your modem. This can cause One-Way Audio problems from time to time.

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